We are Transport Architects: experienced, dedicated and trusted

Who we are

The Remant Group is a family-owned forwarding company where long-term thinking, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance rules take centre stage.

As a Transport Architect, Remant offers innovative and flexible tailor-made solutions for all your transport needs.

Respect, appreciation, commitment and integrity are key values in our organisation.

Our people are dedicated, flexible and professional in their approach to logistic solutions. It is this combination that makes them true ‘Transport Architects’. With our longstanding experience in logistics, we can guide you safely through the entire shipping process.

In short: we are Transport Architects, builders of rock-solid transport solutions.

Sustainability is in our genes

Acting for people, the environment and society: that’s the essence of corporate social responsibility. Sustainability has always been an important part of our family company’s DNA. That’s why we try to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum.

In 2016, Remant joined the pilot of the Flemish Government’s Sustatool project, a no-nonsense tool for companies looking to improve their sustainability management on a long-term basis. More info: https://sustacon.me.


Link to sustatool website


Remant works with a number of longstanding, trusted partners across the world’s continents. These partners guarantee smooth operations and follow up on the transport arrangements we have agreed with our clients. Remant representatives frequently meet with their counterparts to work out value-added solutions.

Partnership with Derudder

The Remant Group became a stakeholder of Derudder, a French forwarding group, in 2015. Derudder, which has its headquarters in Le Havre, is a freight forwarder with longstanding forwarding and customs clearance experience in France. Besides import and export freight forwarding, Derudder also operates a logistics and distribution centre in Valence.

For more information about Derudder, click here.


Remant has an established reputation as a trusted maritime logistics freight forwarder, servicing customers and operating out of one of the world’s busiest ports, for almost 40 years.


Creation of Remant NV


Launch of Remant Africa Logistics NV
Remant Customs NV


Launch of Remant Globe Logistics NV


Launch of Remant Cool Logistics NV


Launch of Remant Cool Logistics BV in Rotterdam (NL)


Stakeholding in Derudder SAS Le Havre (FR)