Office assistant

    “Without having an eye on a job in the logistic sector, I ended up at Remant. A sector where I didn’t know a thing about and actually said didn’t include in my options for the search of a first work experience. In my search for a job in communication and events I now occupy a position where I feel better than ever and of which I couldn’t have hoped for to develop myself the way I have been able to. The diversity of my task package has given me the opportunity to develop myself every day, professionally as well as personally.

    As a family, the Remant Group has embraced me. Their personal approach can be felt in every aspect of the company and that is to me one of their most important strengths. At Remant, the focus lies on the employees. Because of that, we are very much connected and together with our personal approach this shows itself in the contact with our clients as well as our suppliers.”

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